Who We Are!

Eh Team Apparel is not just another clothing brand; it's a movement aimed at bolstering the Canadian athletic community. Founded by Melissa Lotholz, 2x Olympian & World Championship medalist, and Alex Klein, Professional Basketball Player turned Bobsled Athlete, our brand captures the essence of Canadian camaraderie through the phrase "Eh," offering high-quality, sustainably-produced everyday wear like t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies. But we don't stop at creating comfortable and stylish apparel. We're set apart by our purpose: 100% of our profits go directly to supporting Canadian athletes. In buying from Eh Team Apparel, our customers aren't just making a fashion statement; they're making a commitment to Canada's sporting future.

Our Vision:

To be Canada's leading everyday apparel brand that not only resonates with the Canadian spirit but also champions the nation's athletic talent. We aim to create a world where every aspiring Canadian athlete has the resources they need to excel on both national and international stages.

Our Mission:

Eh Team Apparel is committed to contributing to the Canadian athletic community by offering a line of quality, eco-conscious everyday wear that embodies the unique charm of Canadian culture. Our mission is dual-focused:

1. To offer comfortable and stylish everyday apparel that resonates with the Canadian spirit.

  2. To channel 100% of our profits back into supporting Canadian athletes, ensuring they have the financial resources required for training, development, and competition on global platforms.

By bringing people together under the common goal of supporting Canadian athletes, Eh Team Apparel is committed to making a lasting impact on Canada's athletic future.