From the Farm to the Olympic Stage: Introducing Melissa Lotholz, Co-Founder of Eh Team Apparel

From the Farm to the Olympic Stage: Introducing Melissa Lotholz, Co-Founder of Eh Team Apparel

In the heart of Canadian farmland, where the perseverance of generations cultivated more than just crops, Melissa Lotholz, co-founder of Eh Team Apparel, first dreamt of Olympic glory. Nestled within her childhood journals, a young Melissa confided to the pages her "silly dream" of Olympic competition—a dream that would chart the course of her life.

Raised on a farm homesteaded by her great-grandfather in 1932, Melissa's early years were rich with lessons in hard work and integrity—values that would become the bedrock of both her athletic and entrepreneurial journeys. She fondly recalls homemade bobsleigh adventures, where a red toboggan and a snow-covered garden became her first training ground.

Her path to the Olympics was as organic as her farm's yield, transitioning naturally from track sprints at the University of Alberta to the adrenaline-fueled world of bobsleigh. Inspired by a teammate's switch to sledding, Melissa found herself three years later at a Bobsleigh Canada ID camp, which would set her on a path to greatness. By 2014, she was a force on the World Cup circuit, renowned for her unmatched skill as a brakeman.

Melissa's career is studded with accolades: from world championship medals to historic moments, like being part of the first all-women's team in a 4-man World Cup competition. And in 2018, a childhood dream realized as she competed at the Olympics, pushing her sled to seventh place in a heart-stopping race.

But for Melissa, the Olympic stage was not just a personal milestone—it was a platform to empower others. Post-Olympics, she took on the challenge of becoming a pilot, rapidly ascending the ranks and returning to the World Cup circuit, this time in the driver's seat, even clinching a medal in the new discipline of women's monobob.

As she trains her sights on the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, Melissa's dreams have evolved. Her drive to empower others has manifested into the creation of Eh Team Apparel. Here, her Olympic spirit, sewn into the fabric of each garment, offers a chance for others to share in the dream—supporting Canadian athletes with every purchase.

Eh Team Apparel is more than a brand; it's a testament to the spirit of a farm girl who dared to dream, who soared down the icy tracks of the world, and who now strives to lift others to the same heights. Join us in wearing the dream and supporting the legacy of Canadian athletes with Eh Team Apparel—where every stitch is a part of our collective journey to the podium.

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